our lady of the garden

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our lady of the garden, originally uploaded by xeno(x).

so many dragon flies comes to play the garden , at this time , just after the rain .
Almost ready manmdala serie , perhaps from ….big surprise….:-)
mysterious ways is home for wingsmaker , stupid legend , floating flowers , the story of the garden , and new , coming mandala .
Mandala is a vvery important note on the vessel , do you remember the Vessel ……you should be …home….by now…..
you should be…..home , by now .
I come back , only briefly .
Just to remind you .
Remind you of mandala , vessel , the unforgattable travel .
I’ m the wingsmaker .
Do you remember me ?
I’ mk the wingswmaker , and I come back….briefly , only .
On the blue planet …..are you watching blue ?
And ..how it feels …been……alone ?…..are you ?………watching Blue ?

~ by marx1981 on September 15, 2007.

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